Hospitals & Medical Buildings

Step 1: Vacuuming
Step 2: Dusting
Step 3: Taking out the trash
Step 4: Organization
Step 5: Disinfecting surfaces
Step 6: Kitchen/break room cleaning
Step 7: Cleaning Glass
Step 8: Cleaning bathrooms
Step 9: Mopping and sweeping floors
Done !

Hospital and Medical Buildings

Cleanliness is paramount to prevent and control different infections and disease, and keep patients and staff safe. With the new pandemic (COVID-19) inspections and health standards are at an all time high at health facilities. We implementing precautionary measures and deep clean your facility according to the Health and Safety Policies & Standards.

Our Services for Hospitals & Medical Buildings

  • Day Porter & Night Cleaners
  • Maintenance of common areas, lobby area & reception desks, waiting rooms, vestibules, and exterior property maintenance including ground and parking lot maintenance
  • Deep cleaning of washroom and shower areas, locker and change rooms.
  • THOROUGH sanitization of all counters, desks and equipments
  • Sanitization misting for all surfaces (COVID-19)